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'Little Miss Sunshine' campaigns for Oscar



Little Miss Sunshine is the first screener to hit mailboxes for members of the Academy and the Hollywood Foreign Press.  6,000 screeners of the film were mailed this week, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Next up: 11,500 screeners to members of the Writers Guild of America and 2,000 to members of the Screen Actors Guild.

Smart move.  Sony Pictures Classics began the campaign for Amy Adams in Junebug last September.  It worked.  The question here is what exactly is Fox Searchlight's strategy?  Best Picture?  Best Orginal Screenplay?  Best Actress for Abigail Breslin?  Best Supporting Actor for Alan Arkin?  Perhaps all of the above?  Fox Searchlight was the studio behind Sideways, so they know what they're doing.

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