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20 weeks to Oscar


There have been three movies released in Arkansas with any real Oscar potential: An Inconvenient Truth, Little Miss Sunshine, United 93, World Trade Center and The Departed.  Thankfully, that all changes on October 20th when several Oscar-caliber films arrive on screen. I'll post a formal response to "Oliver Stone" in a minute, but I agree, what was going on during the first half of the year?  Sure, we got some pleasantries with Robert Altman's delightful A Prairie Home Companion and Michael Mann's wicked cool Miami Vice, but what else really?  The Illusionist was tasty and Hollywoodland was pretty good.  I loved Quinceanera.  Woody Allen's Scoop was funny, despite starring Hugh Jackman.  While the Science of Sleep will be enjoyable (at least I hope it will) we're still lagging behind in the number of quality films released in Arkansas this year.  It's going to make for a very busy November and December.

Movie City News has a article about what to expect in the coming weeks. 

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