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Why 'All the King's Men' tanked


The L.A. Times has a story which discusses why Steven Zaillian's film All the King's Men topedoed at the box office.  Zaillian stated  "it's a bit of a surprise — a surprise like getting hit by a truck." 

Come on.  This is the same guy who won an Oscar for writing Schindler's List.  You mean to tell me that he thought that final cut of All the King's Men measured up to that film or any other film he's been involved in?

I'm not buying.  The moronic reporter seems to be surprised as well.  I'm not sure why, because the reason the film did poorly at the box office is simply because it's not any good.  I've seen it and it's disappointing.  Zaillian failed to capture any of the political or moral issues well - and instead left us with a film where Sean Penn just yells all the time.

Scott Martelle, who wrote the story, concludes, "Given the current political climate, one would think — as does Zaillian — that Warren's core exploration of means and ends would resonate today. But apparently not as much as Johnny Knoxville's "Jackass" antics."

It does.  That's why the book is still widely read.  It has nothing to do with the film.  And simply because the film sucked doesn't men that Warren's themes don't resonate today.  That's just stupid thinking.

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