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Leo vs. Leo?


Will the nomination be for The Departed or for Blood Diamond?  These are the two films Leonardo DiCaprio has out this fall and both performances are getting excellent reviews.  TIME magazine says,

This year, DiCaprio's toughest competition for a Best Actor Oscar may be himself — he's pretty sensational as a Rhodesian jewel smuggler in Edward Zwick's "Blood Diamond", due out in December. He's gone from precocious child star (in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape") to teen idol (in "Titanic") to full-fledged Actor, brilliant at allowing the viewer to discover, as if in confidence, the emotions that roil his characters' souls. In his third shot with Scorsese, after "Gangs of New York" and "The Aviator", DiCaprio has become the director's new DeNiro — implosive instead of explosive, but just as crucial to each other's success and identity. I hope they make more film together, with DiCaprio as the tortured good-cop in Scorsese's cinematic inferno.

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