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What are you seeing this weekend?



Half Nelson opens at Market Street.  The Guardian, Open Season and School for Scoundrels open in commercial theatres. 

Philip Martin in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has this to say about Half Nelson,

It says something about the times we live in that the most controversial thing about the protagonist of Ryan Fleck's remarkable independent film Half Nelson may not be his recreational freebasing but his radical politics.  As the touchingly messed up junior-high-school history teacher/girls basketball coach Dan Dunne, Ryan Gosling delivers a staggering human performance, one of the most accurate portraits of an un-heroic but well-intentioned young American we've seen in a long time.

From Manohla Dargis' NY Times Review,

“Half Nelson” is that rarest of marvels — an American fiction film that wears its political heart on its sleeve. It’s a small film with a long view, and its story hinges on an unusually nuanced relationship between a white man and a black girl, each of whom has landed in harm’s way. The delicacy of its lead performances (more on them later) and its sense of everyday texture are each worthy of praise. But what makes “Half Nelson” both an unusual and an exceptional American film, particularly at a time when even films about Sept. 11 are professed to have no politics, is its insistence on political consciousness as a moral imperative.

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