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Todd Field's latest course - delicious?


"Little Children" the latest feature film from Todd Field (In the Bedroom) stars Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, and Patrick Wilson (no, not the Wright, Lindsey & Jennings lawyer) as a series of couples tangled in a web of faltering relationships and yep, children.  The film is adaptation of the novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta which my moviegoing friend tells me is quite good.  It appears that this film is also quite good if John DeFore of Hollywood Reporter knows anything at all.  Here's what he had to say,

In the endless stream of films made from literary properties, how many actually deliver the experience of reading a great novel? Providing richness of detail and metaphor, elegantly blueprinted themes and impressive mastery of a constantly shifting tone, "Little Children" does just that. It is a deeply satisfying film that should be an easy sell to serious moviegoers.

"In the Bedroom" was a wonderful, deeply disturbing film.  Field knows his literary material, it seems.  "In the Bedroom" was an adapatation of the writing of Andre Dubus (most recently brought to the big screen with "We Don't Live Here Anymore").  Dubus' writing is some of my favorite and while I have not read Perrotta's novel, I'm going to give this movie a serious look when it arrives in Little Rock.

Here's the full review.

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