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Hollywoodland worth seeing


I went with a friend to see 'Hollywoodland' last night.  I was apprehensive because, well, Ben Affleck was in it.  Nevertheless, my concern was immediately put to rest.  He's not just tolderable, he's good.  His screen time with Diane Lane is worth the price of admission and strong supporting performances by Robin Tunney and Kathleen Robertson make the film a must see. 

The only complaint I have is that it's too long.  At 126 minutes, the film spends too much time on a subplot involving the relationship between Louis Simo (Adrian Brody) and his wife and son.  There's also an unrelated subplot between Simo and one of his clients that simply makes the film uneven and confusing.

Nevertheless, this film raises interesting questions about alleged suicide of TV Superman George Reeves and the role that Hollywood may have played in his death.

It's showing at Riverdale and Rave.

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