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It's a slow day


It's a slow day in the entertainment world when Paris Hilton's DUI and Lindsay Lohan's stolen bag top the headlines.  Pitiful.

In other news, A.O. Scott gave "Sherrybaby" a very favorable review in today's New York Times.  It's not out here yet, but I'm hoping Matt Smith brings it to Market Street soon.

Got any other interesting thoughts or seen any good movies (in theatre or on DVD), blog it here.

As I said, I'm skipping the trip to Fayetteville and the propoganda machine that goes along with it to kick back and watch some football and film this weekend.  "Hollywoodland" tops my list, but I still need to check out "Idlewild," which David Koon really liked as well as "Sketches of Frank Gehry," which a friend told me also arrived on DVD this week.

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