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This is simply absurd


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MGM is out of control.  In a story posted by Reuters early this morning, MGM has the following sequels in development.

Legally Blonde 3 (Reese Witherspoon will not star the studio confirmed).  Wow.  Legally Blonde 2 WITH Reese Witherspoon was painful.

Species 4.  There was a Species 2 and Species 3?

War Games 2.  Seriously?

Into the Blue 2.  This is becoming ridiculous.

Cutting Edge 3.  Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney weren't in Cutting Edge 2 (I had to look that up). 

Apparently MGM is looking to beef up overseas revenues, so these may all be straight-to-DVD here in the U.S.  Still, the fact that a major studio thinks this is a good idea is, well, comical.  Somebody put David Koon and Jim Harris in charge!

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