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Republican Crooks



He will be forgotten in weeks, but the country's longest serving Republican senator, Ted Stevens, was convicted of filing fraudulent financial disclosure forms last week. ( he allowed an oil company to do thousands of dollars of work to his house and didn't report the gifts ) On one hand, this is just another corrupt Republican, so no big story.  The interesting part is the fallout.

During the trial, which lasted weeks, one of the jurors said their father died and asked to be excused from serving further. Turns out, her father didn't really die, she just wanted to go to the horse track.  No doubt, Stevens will try to use this in his efforts to get a new trial. When asked about the trial - the juror said something to the effect that all politicians are guilty and therefore Stevens was too. Not sure having her on the jury would have helped him much. She also said that her house was bugged - and some other crazy statements.

I predict the trial judge will eventually move to hold her in contempt, for lying about her father's death. But, she will just get a slap on the wrist - because incarceratoin probably wouldn't discourage her from doing something similar in the future.

The real crazy one is Stevens. A convicted felon can't hold public office in Alaska. But, Stevens didn't drop out stating, he isn't convicted until he is sentenced, and of course he thinks he will win his appeal. This is legalese at its worse. While technically, he is right - you aren't convicted until you are given either jail time or at least a fine - he was found guilty. He just is hoping he will win his Senate seat again, and then he can resign, allowing Palin to appoint someone until a special election can be held.  If he had any respect for his political office, he would resign immediately - but instead he will drag it out as long as possible.  He sent out a short message, blaming everyone but himself for the conviction. His actions will just mean Alaska will be the only state in the nation represented by someone who has been found guilty of a felony, even if he hasn't been "convicted" yet. 

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