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Borat Not Guilty !



Maybe "not guilty" is the wrong term. Remember Borat- where Sasha Cohen pretended to be an eastern European reporter. One of my favorite movies of the year. While watching it, it was obvious the participants had been duped and, needeless to say, would be unhappy. Of course, after being made to look like a fool while at the same time the movie producers made millions - lawsuits were bound to happen.

Borat wins - easily. In this judgment - most of the claims still left are thrown out without a trial. Before filming anyone - the producers had the participants sign a very well written release - that waived their right to sue based on fraud, emabarrassment, almost anything they could think of. And, it worked. It didn't help those suing that they had also accepted money from the producers for being filmed in a "documentary-style" film.

Be very careful about what you sign - they will hold you to it later.

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