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Who can I sue?


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Back in our first year of law school - occassionally my classmates would ask our professors, "Can you sue for that?"      My torts professor had a good stock answer - "You can sue anyone for anything."  He added that you might have no chance of winning, you might get a complaint to the ethics commission, and you might get hit with attorney's fees - but yes you can sue for that.

Now I see where there is a website that links attorneys with people looking to sue someone. WhocanIsue.com        It almost sounds like a joke - but it isn't.      Of course, it is really a money making scheme for the website because it costs the attorneys listed there $1000.00 a year - but one good case will make it all worth it.

Sounds like a bad idea to me - and will likely lead to more frivolous lawsuits. But, we have millions anyway - a few thousand more won't be noticed - except if you are the one being sued.

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