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Rove Can't Thumb His Nose At Congress



Karl Rove recently refused to appear before a congressional committee after being issued a subpoena. Like many Busha administration officials, past and present, Rove thinks he is "beyond the law."  A federal judge today told him he is wrong.  Although the administration wrote a 91 page brief on the issue - it must have been 91 pages of fluff - because they could not cite one case where a presidential advisor was allowed to ignore a congressional subpoena.

Now, once he appears before the committee - making him answer questions is an entirely different matter. He has several potentially successful arguments that presidential immunity prevents him from answering some questions he will be asked. But no one, even someone accused of a crime, has the right to merely ignore a subpoena - there is nothing privileged about the answer to the question "What is your name?"  Rove doesn't know exactly what he will be asked - and therefore can't pre-emptively claim a privilege.

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