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Newest Threat to Public Welfare: Saggers


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Police in Michigan are going to start giving tickets to people with sagging pants ( just like they considered doing in Pine Bluff.)  Specifically, they are going to give out tickets if bare buttocks are exposed.   I wonder if this includes women with low-rise jeans and excessively small thongs too.  I predict the  Flint Police Department will be ridiculed until this law is no longer enforced.

  Flint Police Warn Of Enforcement On 'Saggers' Police Cracking Down On Plummeting Waistlines


POSTED: 6:44 am EDT June 27, 2008 UPDATED: 9:49 am EDT June 27, 2008


FLINT, Mich. -- Flint police are warning city residents to pull up their pants – literally.


On Thursday, Flint police chief David Dicks released a memo that Flint will be the latest city to campaign against pants that slip below waistlines. Anyone wearing pants or shorts that expose their buttocks can be arrested for indecent exposure, according to the memo.


According to Dicks, those who reveal their underwear and dress in this manner as a form of "self expression" are no longer practicing free speech.


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“How are you going to get arrested for something you wear?” said one Flint resident.


The memo states that sagging pants will now rise to the crime of indecent exposure and or disorderly persons.


Experts and other cities have said the "bare your britches look" reflects laziness and encourages gang activities.


However, Dominique Clack argues the opposite and told TV5 that the city needs to focus on bigger issues.


"They need to be worried about people out here committing murders and drug dealers. Don't let pants be an issue," he said.


"We ain't never heard someone got shot because their pants were sagging."


A misdemeanor offense will be given out to anyone caught abusing the saggy pants ordinance, punishable by 93 days to a year in jail and/or $500 fine.


TV5 wants to know if you think people who wear sagging pants are really breaking the law, let us know.


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