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Anti-Radio or Anti-DJ ?


I've been listening to "Magic 105.1"  as long as I remember so it I was a little shocked to hear it was changing stations and formats. I guess it was the beginning of the end for the station when Tommy Smith left a few years back. But, I have to admit I was getting tired of the same old 60's and 70's classic hits after 25 years or so. So apparently the new station, which will be at 106.7 will be called Tom-FM, after long time DJ Tom Wood. I'm not sure why they don't just keep calling it Magic 105. What gets me is the inane statements put out by the dullards at Clear Channel. In today's Gazette, Kim Pyle, vice president and marketing manager for Clear Channel, says of the new 106.7

    “It will be the ‘anti-radio’ radio station,” and “We’ll be playing everybody from Marvin Gaye and Aerosmith to the Bee Gees and Guns n’ Roses.”

Really?  The Bee Gees are "anti-radio ?"   Marvin Gaye is "anti-radio"   Since when?  

I'm a curious guy -- so I got curious how "anti-radio" this station will be. According to the wikipedia article on Magic 105.1 -   the new Tom-Radio 106.7 will be playing the "adult radio" format.   What does that mean?  Also according to Wikipedia, "adult radio" is:

Adult hits (sometimes also called variety hits or classic hits) is a radio format that does not adhere to a specific music genre but rather a true mix of programming styles. This format emerged in the early 2000s and is most famously associated with the Jack FM brand, although the format and the Bob FM brand both predate Jack. However, not all stations which implement the adult hits format use these brands — other brands associated with the format include "Frank", "Joe", "Mike", "Ed", "Max", "Dave", "Giant", "Simon", "Sam", "Charlie", "Ben", "Freedom", "Pirate" and "Big Daddy". Most listeners label the format as "Jack", "random radio", or "iPod shuffle".

Most adult hits station plays a mix of rock, alternative, pop, new wave and oldies along with other music genres.

So labeling it  "Tom-FM"  is consistent , and  therefore conformist, to how this  supposed "anti-radio" format has been  done in  numerous other  radio  markets.   Is it just me  or  is the idea that  Clean  Channel  would  be "anti-"  anything except  losing  money  ludicrous ?

Apparently most of these stations play around 1000 or so songs and sometimes don't have a DJ at all.  I assume Tom-FM will at least use Tom Wood a few  hours a day ?    A common complaint of this format seems to be that they don't take requests.   What kind of "anti-radio" station doesn't take requests ?    Let's just see how "anti-" this new station is - I'll give it a chance for sure.   I'm already irritated my classic country station is going away though - we will see if this one is any  better. 

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