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Mt. Holly



My parents traveled to Richmond, Virginia, recently and were able to visit several famous historical towns.    I didn't even get a t-shirt.      But, it did make me realize that I don't really appreciate the historical places that are right here in Arkansas.  So today, I went to Mt. Holly Cemetery, the final resting place of a litany of Arkansas' finest including governors, mayors, and Civil War generals. Its is also a very serene, peaceful place in the middle of the city where you can tell by the monuments that the people buried there was loved by their family and others. I'll try to find the brochure and scan it - there is too much to see on one day almost.  

The one I was most interested in was David O' Dodd's grave. It wasn't as fancy or ornate as I thought it might be.

The detail work on the monuments is beautiful and intricate. It's the type of thing that simply isn't done much anymore.

The Arkansaw Traveler, Sanford Faulkner

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