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Does Huckabee Think George Bush Is A Failure?



What does Huck really mean when he says "people don't want another Washington person because Washington has failed" ? Who is he even talking about?   Romney?  Not from Washington. Giuliani?  New York City, so I am told.  When he says Washington has failed -- I assume he means the president has failed. What else can he mean? If he means Congress has failed he should run for Congress.  I think he is really talking non-sense or at least he doesn't want to identify any fellow Republicans as "Washington types," just in case one considers him to be a VP candidate. 

What is more interesting about this rare national press coverage of Huck is that -- not one quote of substance is reported. From this article -- no one knows anything about him or where he stands. Of course - his  time spent on Governor was light on substance as well.


From NBC’s Andrew Merten
Huckabee was also interviewed by NBC’s Matt Lauer on MSNBC, and touted himself as a “Washington Outsider,” striking a tone somewhat similar to Obama’s and Edwards.’

  VIDEO: Mike Huckabee tells MSNBC he hopes to convince voters he is the outside-the-Beltway candidate who can change the way Washington works.“One thing I do see is a separation between where I stand and where these other candidates stand,” Huckabee said. “Most of them are from Washington; people are beginning to be real clear -- they don’t want another Washington person because Washington has failed. They haven’t delivered real answers for the problems that Americans face.”
When asked about his plans for competing in the Ames Straw Poll this Saturday, Huckabee referenced his Arkansas hometown, saying, “We’re going to be there with Hope watermelons. If nothing else brings them our way -- 150-pound watermelon should do it.”

He also talked about not wanting to go negative on other opponents, using a basketball analogy to do so. The former Arkansas governor said in basketball, there are two strategies: play dirty, using elbows to “cripple” your opponents or be able to shoot well.

Huckabee said he’d like to think he can be the guy “who can hit the 3-pointers.”

Obama, whose basketball interest has been well documented, has also used basketball analogies on the trail, saying he’s “skinny, but tough” and that he has “sharp elbows.”

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