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Favorite lawsuit of the week: Negligent tattooing


I'm not sure this is a true story, but supposedly, when Johnny Depp was dating Winonna Ryder, he had her name tattood -- it said "Winonna Forder."   After they broke up, he had it altered where it now just says "Wino Forever."    Even if its not true its funny.

At least he had a compentent tattoo artist  ----   unlike this guy in my favorite lawsuit of the week.

What In The Worlb?
Cardinals fan sues St. Louis parlor over botched Series tattoo

MAY 1--The day after the St. Louis Cardinals clinched the 2006 World Series, fan Jason Harris went to a local tattoo parlor to permanently memorialize the team's tenth championship. Harris, a 20-year-old college student who had never previously gotten a tattoo, headed for The House of Ink in St. Louis, where he wanted the words "St. Louis Cardinals, World Series Champions, 2006" inked on his back. However, according to a negligence lawsuit Harris just filed, the resulting fist-sized tattoo was marred by errors for which he now wants in excess of $25,000 in damages. Harris's Circuit Court complaint, a copy of which you'll find below, notes that an unnamed tattoo artist "incorrectly spelled words and put the wrong year on Plaintiff's person causing severe damage." In an interview, Harris told TSG that instead of "2006," the year 2000 was inked between his shoulder blades (the New York Yankees won the World Series that year). And the word "World" was misspelled as "Worlb." Additionally, the word "Champions" was reduced to "Champs" (though that seems minor compared to the other two mistakes). Harris said he learned of the errors in the $190 tattoo the following day when he showed it to his mother. When he went back to the parlor to complain, a worker proposed to correct the mistakes, an offer Harris said he declined. He is now considering having the Cardinals tattoo removed entirely, since obscuring it would require him being inked with an even larger tattoo. Thomas Baxter, the House of Ink owner, was unaware of the lawsuit when contacted by a TSG and would not comment beyond saying that he "needs to research the situation and find out what's going on."

Copy of the lawsuit

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