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Never Apologize, Never Explain


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I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way, but what bothers me most about the Bush administration si their unbridled arrogance. As someone more articulate than me wrote, the Bush mantra is "Never apologize, never explain, never concede." At least not until you are caught in a lie, usually, a huge lie. Its funny how many "loyal Bushies" stick to this mantra until, because of their actions, the not so loyal Bush forces them to quit. The AG's recently resigned chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, tried hard to stay loyal but he wasn't about to lie to congress like his former boss and had to admit "The Attorney General's statements were not exactly accurate" when it came to his participation in firing 7 US attorneys. Gonzales said he was not involved in discussions about the firings. His former assistant said the direct opposite and said he and the White House gave approval and signed off on the firings. And then we find the emails about the issue are lost - not by the Justice Department or White house but by -- tehe Republican National Committee? White House staff using RNC email for official business? Of course - when the official business is cooking up schemes to oust fair minded US attorneys in favor of political cronies, and then lie and say it didn't happen that way - maybe that wasn't official - it was just wrong. The trouble is that the White house, Attorney General, and apparently the Republican National Committee fail to recognize that they aren't supposed to be a seamless right-wing conspiracy even though they want to be. They don't get it that the Justice Department isn't there to do the bidding of the White House and RNC. But they will keep their mantra going - never apologize, never explain - as long as they can - even if it continues to drive their poll numbers into the ground. I


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