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Do you think Huckabee keeps a bullet in his shirt pocket?


You know why Huckabee will leave this race early? Because he is too slick and Republicans claim not to like slick politicians from Arkansas. For example, in a recent Newsweek article about him he was asked: Are you personally against women being preachers? I’d rather speak up for the Lord than not. I let each person in each church deal with their own conscience. I have enough of a challenge being obedient to God in my own life than to try to dictate to someone else. It’s not an issue for me. Um....did you even hear the question Rev. Why can't he just say, yes or no. You try to answer that way in a court room the judge would say just answer the question preacher-man. The article dredged up another of the Rev.'s quotes: Huckabee said: "In our lifetimes, we've seen our country go from 'Leave It to Beaver' to 'Beavis and Butt-head,' from Barney Fife to Barney Frank, from 'Father Knows Best' to television shows where father knows nothing." But....he isn't homophobic at all, he just likes to pick on the one openly homosexual in congress. Just a coincidence I'm sure. And does this mean he actually enjoys crappy old shows like "Father Knows Best' ? Maybe he can double his name recognition soon from about 1% to 2%.

Some more stupid Huckabee quotes -- I should make a book.   Ok, maybe more like a pamphlet.

"I was the first governor in America to have a concealed carry permit, so don't mess with me,"

After a long boring quote - a different article in Newsweek summed up Huckabee's speech like this:

Okay, we're going to be honest with you here. We have no idea why we made you read that, except we had to sit through it, and that's time we're never going to get back.Judging by the bewildered looks of the crowd, not everyone was blown away by whatever message was buried beneath all those words.

That is funnier than anything I've ever written for sure.

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