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Why are farmers soft on crime?


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I don't think farmers are really soft on crime. On the radio this morning, they were interviewing a lobbyist for an agricultural concern or the farm bureau etc., discussing a law that makes 2nd offence animal cruelty a felony.

He was not in favor of making a first offense a felony because:== he was worried that someone might get convicted for a simple mistake.   Last time i checked, when you have no intent, no mens rea as we lawyers call it, you can't be convicted of most offenses.

His next reason to be against it ( or should I say  "agin it" )  was that he thought the prisons were already overcrowded and needed to reserve more space for more serious offenders. I call bullshit on that one. First, assuming its a D felony, it would be a 0-6 year type of crime and the sentence tends to be probation. And since when was the farm bureau so worried about prison conditions?  Probably only when its a crime that might effect one of their own. You don't see the farm bureau or other agri-interests on any other bill saying "we are worried the prisons are too full."  They could care less about crowded prisons - promise.  Like many lobbiest, this gentleman was talking out of his ass, and was throwing anything out there that might stick. Its just a small example but for some reasons the lack of sincereity in his argument irked me. However, I'm easily irked.

All the bills had to be filed by today and I'm sure I have a stack of new legislation to review tomorrow. Anyone know any small gems that were offered up today?


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