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So Do They Have Their Hands Full Or Not?


Its funny how "reality" changes depending on the direction of the political winds

Here is part of a Q&A with Asa Hutchinson from back in February of 2004 when he was doing very little to stop illegal aliens from entering the county. After he left - they decided to actually get tough on protecting the border and called in the National Guard - if only because there was a perception that Bush wasn't doing enough to keep out undocumented workers.  Asa didn't think bringing in the military was a good idea and that the military wasn't up to the task. I'm not for using the military for this purpose either ( apparently I agree with Asa on at least this point) What is clear is that, because they sent in the military after he was no longer in charge, he wasn't nearly as aggressive as he could have been. I wonder if he still feels the same way?

Lisa, from Beavercreek, OH writes:
Mr. Hutchinson, I was wondering if you could please explain why President Bush, nor any other president, has not put military troops on the borders of the United States. It seems to me that the number of people flooding this country each year is extremely troublesome. I understand that people come here to get a better life but my main concern is that a terrorist will find out how "easy" it is to cross the border either in Mexico or Canada and gain his entry that way. Why not station troops on the borders?

Also, I read today that the Coast Guard was able to stop a 1950s car that was made into a boat from landing on a beach in Florida. What is the strangest "vehicle" people have used to cross the ocean into the United States?

Thank you for all of your work.


Asa Hutchinson
On the military troops on the borders, I think we would all agree that our men and women in uniform have their hands full with the deployment in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other hot spots around the globe.

The military does support our border efforts with intelligence, with different types of surveillance and equipment support. But the day to day law enforcement functions are unique to our border agencies and not a traditional military role.

In reference to the strangest vehicle, the 1950s car, is probably at the top of the list. But I did see a 1950s model half-ton truck surrounded by innertubes loaded with aliens trying to make it into Florida. This was stopped by the Coast Guard. It certainly demonstrates the ingenuity of those seeking freedom and the attractiveness of all that we offer in the United States.

to find the whole Q&A go here

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