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YouTube - Arkansas Style


As someone with an especially short-term attention span, I have learned to love YouTube, a new Internet phenomenon. It has hardly been around a year and it is already receiving millions of hits a day. All YouTube consists of is user uploaded short videos, for the most part filmed by the users themselves. Of course there is some copyrighted material on there ( just don't tell the UA legal staff, they will be forced to send in the strike team) but a majority is very amateur, actually very bad, but also very personal and creative.
    YouTube has been adopted by people from all over the political spectrum and even the world. I read in the New York Times yesterday that the terrorists in Iraq actually film scene of U.S. Soldiers being attacked and even shot – and load them on YouTube to rally support and presumably brag about their sick exploits. YouTube doesn't allow extreme violence and takes them off as soon as possible.
    I did a search one day on YouTube for anything with “Arkansas” or “Little Rock” in its title and found a wide variety of material by our state residents. YouTube is free, and is a great forum to allow those of meager means a forum for their ideas. YouTube lets the nuts fall where they may, such as, Rod Bryan. The campaigns here in Arkansas seem to have been quick to upload most of their commercials as well. For all of you political masochists out there – here is a sampling of Arkansas  politics and more ala YouTube

Rod Bryan Proves He Is Irrelevant

Anti-Beebe Attack Ad

Anti-Beebe Attack Ad – With Dukes Of Hazard Theme Music

Gunner Delay Has A Strong Message:  “I Like Starbucks”

Someone Thinks Jim Holt Has Too Many Children

Xenophobic Anti-Immigration Video

Hollingsworth Court Tells it Like It Is ( A Bit Explicit)

Asa Was Too Embarrassed To Be Seen With Bush In Public, But Who Wouldn't Be?

Is It Just Me, Or Could John McCain Play The Godfather?

A $2000 Fine For Illegal Immigrants? Thats The Answer !

That Darn Filing Fee Gets Them Every time

When Tailgating Goes Wrong ( With Illegally Used Razorback Theme Song – Time For Some Cease And Desist Demands I Think)

Don't Listen To Liberals, Or Democrats, Or Republicans Who Make Fun Of Me

Why Sheriff Ed Is Voting For Asa

If This Doesn't Convince You To Vote For Asa, Nothing Will

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