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Have you no mothers? No sisters? The morally grotesque banner at Fayetteville’s Atmosphere Apartments


Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t give the folks who posted the ugly banner at Atmosphere Apartments a second chance. Being an old-fashioned sort of guy, I’d boot them not only out of the complex, but if they are UA students, well, they should be directed to the closest fast food eateries, where no doubt an assistant manager job is in their future - if they even rise that far in life.

“Frogs aren’t the only thing TCU girls have stuck in their throats. WOO PIG,” was painted on a sheet hanging outside one of the apartments, plainly aimed at female TCU students before the Razorbacks played their football team.

Rightly  so, the management at Atmosphere Apartments have threatened fines or eviction should such a banner appear again.

By way of full disclosure, my wife is a TCU graduate, but largely I am annoyed with the ugliness of the banner not only because the cretin (or cretins) who hung it have brought shame to Fayetteville, but also because in the 21st Century we have aright to expect anyone old enough to attend university to be old enough to show some respect for their fellow human beings.

I always wonder about such individuals. Were they raised under a rock? Where there no women in their homes when they grew up? Is this the sort of language they would use around their mothers, their sisters, their aunts?

Is this how they were raised, to show contempt for women?

Needless to say, I suspect that any woman unlucky enough to share a workplace with such creatures should never turn their backs on them.

And if any woman is unlucky enough to be one of their neighbors, well, the same holds true, but tenfold.

It isn’t enough just to condemn the banner. The louts who hung it have brought disrepute not only to Atmosphere Apartments, not only to the University of Arkansas, and not only to Fayetteville, but to every man who isn’t a creep.

The Stupid-Beyond-Words-To-Describe little boys who hung the banner have brought shame not only to Atmosphere Apartments, but to the community-at-large - quite possibly the highest achievement of their lives so far.

I realize I pretty much wrote the same thing in the last two paragraphs, but it can’t be emphasized too many times.

I feel nothing but repugnance for them.


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Do the denizens have cause for boycotting Earth, after the insult we have given them?


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