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The Adventure of the Trump-like Boss


Much has been written about the chaos in the Trump White House, and how he cannot seem to pull himself out of seeing life through his Reality TV show blinders, but I wonder how many have actually worked for a boss in the Donald Trump mode?

Some years ago I worked for an institution when we had a new boss assigned to our section. In a place where once adults worked side-by-side, albeit with the occasional disagreement, suddenly we had thrust into our midst a man who, in a matter of mere months, created an atmosphere in which grown men and women were acting like children, no longer able to settle disputes between themselves, or solve problems without pointing an accusing finger at someone else.

Almost from the very beginning, he fostered an atmosphere in which we were encouraged to make formal complaints against each other, and even, in a dark preview of Trump’s TV show (the one where he had apprentices, and not the one where he is leader of the free world), he would assign almost impossible tasks to people, just to see how they would perform.

I take that back; actually, a couple of the tasks he assigned were genuinely impossible to accomplish.

The spirit of “we’re all in this together” gave way to the inevitable “I wonder who is stabbing me in the back today” paranoia such workplaces engender.

I left after a year or so of this.

There was a happy ending of sorts, if you have a macabre turn of mind. The man who got off on people drowning in a sea of anger and paranoia had a nervous breakdown, and joined the ranks of the unemployed.

Not before he had created a permanent rift in the workplace, however, and reduced hard-working men and women to petulant children.

Whenever I read of the chaos in the current White House I think back to this experience, and a chord of empathy is struck within me.


Today’s Soundtrack

In orbit today with the soundtrack from “Apollo 13.”

Not only does it offer a great score by james Horner, but also songs by James Brown, The Young Rascals, Jefferson airplane and others.

Houston, we have no problem . . .


Now on YouTube: KUAF’s Kyle Kellams

An interview I did a few years ago with KUAF's Kyle Kellams. Sometimes an interview can reach that point where an actual conversation takes place, and this was one of those occasions.

"On the Air with Richard S. Drake" celebrates 26 years on the air in 2017.


Quote of the Day

One function of the income gap is that the people at the top of the heap have a hard time even seeing those at the bottom. They practically need a telescope. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt probably didn't waste a lot of time thinking about the people who built their pyramids, either. OK, so it's not that bad yet — but it's getting that bad. - Molly Ivins

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