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Terror: Why you can’t have your dog back


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Though we told you the reason you weren’t getting your dog back (after we had been minding him for a few weeks) was because your major aspiration is to be a minor drug dealer, the real reason is in his eyes, every time he messes up: sheer, unadulterated terror. Before he came to our home, he’d obviously been badly beaten on more than one occasion.

I’ve seen him throw himself into the corner of a room, trying to make himself as small as possible - no mean feat when you are part Great Dane - shaking, after he has been caught getting into the trash or the sink, and the fear in his eyes tells the story of his young life.

You live with an abuser, a little punk who got off not only beating you, but also his own mother. When Tracy first went to collect him, he was outside the small house of your boyfriend's mother, terrified of the cars.

He is still frightened of the noises that vehicles on the other side of our fence make, though he has been showing great interest in watching cars on the big screen bedroom TV; it is as if he is making an attempt to understand them on some level.

But it is the undeniable evidence that he has been ill-treated which has hardened my heart against you and the people in your life who have abused him. There are those in life I will have no truck with: those who abuse other human beings, and those who abuse animals.

So you ain’t getting him back. But now that I think of it, there is another, just as important, reason you can’t have him back.

You never protested when we told you we weren’t about to put him back in that situation.



If your feelings for him were expressed by a certain vodka maker it would be Absolut Silence.

Just to put your mind at ease, though, should stray thoughts of him ever come to mind, just know this: he’s getting better.


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