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GOP: A Congress of Quislings?


2017 may well prove prove to be when the Republican Party crosses the Rubicon. Will they continue to avert their eyes from what is happening in the White House, simply because the current occupant can be relied upon to sign anything sent his way, or will they, like the Claude Rains character in “The Man Who Reclaimed His Head,” get earn honor back?

While true that a small number of Republicans are voicing their concerns about the F Troopish antics in the White House - if you can imagine F Troop betraying their country - most have remained silent, the ones actually holding town meetings just sort going through the motions, no doubt convinced in their hearts that the public will soon lose interest - perhaps when the McRib makes its return?

Wiser heads in the GOP are beginning to realize that this situation just won’t go away, and every pronouncement, every threat from the White House just makes it worse.

On the other hand, they have a man in the Oval Office so eager for “wins” that he will sign anything put before him. They haven’t had a guy like this in years.

What to do? What to do?

Keep their heads down, and play ignorant when asked about Trump Tweets, bizarre actions and garbled statements from the White House, or to cast off the role of Quisling, and remember the oath they took upon taking office?


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