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Missed Connections: Is Match taking a walk on Sleazy Street?


Well, it’s a great tool for potential stalkers, I guess. But that’s about all that can be said for the dating site Match seemingly taking an idea directly from craigslist.

Of late we have seen a lot of TV commercials with the Match pitchman accosting folks on the street, asking about their dating lives, and showing off the new feature, “Missed Connections.”

As Match describes their new service on their website:

“Today, Match is introducing Missed Connections, a new location-based feature on the Match app that allows users to see other members they have crossed paths with in real life. Whether that’s people who go to your park, your coffee shop or your parking garage. The feature builds off our robust, sophisticated matching algorithms that help singles connect in a meaningful way.”


Parking garages??????????

I say again - PARKING GARAGES???

I read the police reports in the newspaper; the only “meaningful” connections that take place in parking garages usually result in rape charges being filed.

A while back a friend told me of a similar service offered by craigslist, with the identical name - Missed Connections.

Under headings such as: blonde Wal-Mart, All you can eat rib buffet - saucy glances, GMC Pickup with Fishing Boat, and Applebees waitress - Sunday night, among so many others, the terminally lonely and horny attempt to connect.

Well, to have sex, at any rate. Not that there is anything wrong with that - I just wish the folks posting their desperate pleas were better writers.

And no, Quarantined Reader, I won’t post any of them for you. Look them up for yourself. Just be prepared to take a really long shower afterwards.

At a time when rapists have been known to use Match (as well as other dating sites) to find victims, adding an app like this - well, only good things can happen, right?

Parking garages? Ye gods . . .


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