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O accursed dreams!


I love my dreams, and I’ve been having vastly entertaining ones for decades, many of which I can still recall, years later. But when one’s dreams get in the way of writing, well, something is called for.

I used to mock these drug commercials which warned of “vivid dreams,” but of late my nocturnal version of HBO has been working overtime, and, just as Johnny Cash sang about his dreams of a nasty boss, I have been waking up in the morning feeling tired.

Not just tired, but exhausted. Sometimes so exhausted that I sleep longer than I am comfortable with. What’s a poor dreamer to do?

Ordinarily I wouldn’t complain about my dreams; they are fascinating at times. But a little less night-time excitement might be in order.

Could it be one my medications causing my overdose of evening drama? And, if so, just which one?

I’m not likely to discard my Diabetic medication, or my high blood pressure meds. My anti-seizure medication? Nope.

And a couple of others, but you really aren’t interested in the contents of my medicine cabinet.

Time to talk to my doctor.

One can have too much of a good thing, even if that good thing consists of richly detailed dreams, tales of action and adventure, browsing through dream bookstores or a hundred other subjects.

And hey, what is the point of a great dream, if you are too damn tired to write about it the next morning?


Today’s Soundtrack

Not tired at all as I write in tune with the Donna Summer CD “On the Radio.”

Love to love you, baby . . .


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