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Black History Month: Like other “History” months, a chance to know more about our fellow Americans


This is the time of year when crusty old farts on the Internet will post their dark mutterings about Black History Month. But I’d suggest that they are the ones who might benefit the most from paying attention to this month, just as men might learn a great deal if they paid more attention to Women’s History Month, rather than mocking it, as so many are wont to do.

We are living in an age when not only fake news warps the thinking processes of so many in America, but also fake history . . . if they know much history in the first place, that is.

It is so damned hard to fit much history into a Facebook meme, after all . . .

When a month is dedicated to a subject, be it Stalking Awareness Month, Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Women’s History Month,
Irish-American History Month, Confederate History Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, LGBT Pride Month, National Pastor Appreciation Month, Polish American Heritage Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month or a whole host of other dedicated occasions, it affords us all an opportunity to learn more about the subject, and the world around us.

These months, I like to think, are meant especially for those whose knowledge of a subject is lacking, and would like to learn more about it. And thanks to these dedicated times, that is exactly what has happened.

As for those who moan to the heavens about the lack of a White History Month, well, I think we pretty much covered that in high school . . .


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You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him. - Leo Aikman

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