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C.F. Roberts: A Decade in the Margins


It is with great pleasure that I am able to pass along the following information about my friend C.F. Roberts’s upcoming art show.

“C.F. Roberts: A Decade in the Margins” is presented by noted photographer Marsha Lane Foster at Freedom Dreamer Photography/Lane Foster Fine Art Studio, located at 211 W. Elm Street in Rogers, on Friday, January 27, between the hours of six and nine that evening.

In addition to exhibiting his artwork locally for the past ten years, C.F. Roberts is also known as a writer and producer at Fayetteville Public Television. This, however, is his first solo exhibition, and we should all take the time to check out his modernist-style work, which he terms “Rock and Roll.”

If you’d like more information, you can get in touch with Ms. Foster at 479-841-5539, or email her at marsha@freedomdreamerphoto.com.

In addition to his art, writing and television production, C.F. Roberts has also been the director of my show for over ten years., which means that he is not only talented, but has the patience of Job.


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