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Terror at the Ballot Box


Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said it - but I am a staunch believer that when a funny line comes to you, it would be a venial sin to keep it locked inside.

Like so many other Americans, Tracy and I decided to vote early this year. I have stood in line on Election Day, and stood in line for early voting, and all things being equal, I’ll take early voting every time.

Anyhoo (and that is a word, by the way) I was standing in the County Clerk’s office, waiting for my ballot, when a young woman deposited her ballot in the new-fangled electronic box they have for such things.

“Huh,” I observed, “looks like a shredder to me.”

She turned to me with a look of horror mixed with revulsion. Well, standing next to her was this older guy (and that would be me) with a shaved head and a goatee - looking for all the world like an Alex Jones/Breitbart News loving maniac who probably spends most of his day posting snarky memes on Facebook.

I smiled, but I am afraid that under the circumstances, I may well have resembled the King of the Conspiracy Nuts. She moved quickly away from me.

Okay, Madcap Reader, maybe I should have kept my big fat yap shut. But then again, holding humorous comments inside can be hazardous to your health (I’m sure that a scientific study has been done on this somewhere), and besides, I gave the poor woman a good story to tell others, all about her encounter with the lunatic at the County Clerk’s office.

It was, as they say, a Win/Win for all involved.


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My interview with Dr. Claud Lacy of the University of Arkansas.

And while we’re on the subject, why did none of the political candidates - for any office in America - mention Pluto this year. Damn mainstream media!


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