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2016: What we didn’t hear during this presidential election


2016: What we didn’t hear during this presidential election

Now that the debates are over, and the election season is finally winding down, I have asked a number of folks to weigh in on what they felt was not addressed this year. The responses are presented in the order they came in.


Stephanie Horne

It's like the whole world went away and nothing else was covered by the news

This election took over our country for two years

The ongoing wars in the middle east, what Russia is doing, the global climate issue,

Stephanie Horne is a Christian democrat living in the midst of Trumpville. She feels like a sore thumb and finds it hard to relate. But she would do almost anything to help you if you needed help.


Kenneth Wieburg

I wish that they had seriously discussed the increasing tension between the US and Russia. The Cold War seems to have started again, and could easily become a Hot one. Syria is looking more and more like a flashpoint; and whoever is in the Oval Office is going to have to deal with it

If you get a chance watch Putin's speech in July of this year. Anyway, that is what has me concerned.

Kenneth Wieburg is a long-time resident of Arkansas, who enjoys History, movies,and the Space Program.


Guy Lancaster

Poverty. Not for several decades have we had mainstream candidates actually address systemic poverty. And Lyndon Johnson was the last one who actually tried to do something about it. Instead, our candidates pitch their programs to the "middle class," knowing well that most voters equate poor with black and thus view social programs as "handouts."

Guy Lancaster writes occasional movie reviews for the Arkansas Times and is author of the book Racial Cleansing in Arkansas, 1887-1924: Politics, Land, Labor, and Criminality.


David Backlin

Environment, water.

David Backlin considers himself Middle of the road with a slight Liberal bent.


Dr. Joanie Connors

The environment and unnecessary warmaking.

Dr. Joanie Connors is a psychologist who lives in New Mexico but maintains deep roots in NW Arkansas. She has been an adjunct faculty in psychology, sociology and peace studies and was a volunteer in the Bernie campaign.


Judith Robinson Levine - I think she may be on to something here

The impending violent overthrow of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick comes to mind.

Fayetteville native Judith Robinson Levine has lived and worked all over the globe. She obtained her degree in High Fashion Design from L'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris. She worked for many years as a stylist in film and still photography. She came back to Fayetteville in 1983 and says that Fayetteville is the best place she has ever lived. She and her husband have two lovely adult daughters and two grand-dogs. Life is good.


Mark Moore

Whatever happened to homeless people? Seems like the media has not talked about them in years, but then you still see them around. The other thing is related to that: We have an economy where everyone connected to the Fed basically has access to a near-infinite supply of money at zero interest while the rest of us still have credit cards at double-digit interest. How can the people in the latter economy hope to keep financial independence when the former is around. Seems like over time those with access to infinite amounts of money at zero interest will wind up owning everything- regardless of merit.

Mark Moore is an internationally recognized authority on localism as a philosophy of government, having authored two books on the subject. He is also known for his blog, Arkansas Watch, and for being Ron Paul's Arkansas spokesman in 2008.


Paul Harris

More on climate change.

Author Paul Harris, formerly of Eureka Springs, AR now lives in Cathedral City, California with his partner Tony and their dog and cat. Paul works at the Rancho Mirage Library.


Dylan Ferrell

Public health/Zika. Israel/Palestine

And of course, the clown epidemic

Dylan Ferrell is a Kansas City based conservative libertarian rabble rouser


Don Elkins

Jeez . . . how about climate change. How could they ALL ignore it? And I really don't feel like I heard ANYTHING of substance through the series. But HRC managed to make him look like The Single Least Qualified Person to be POTUS

Don Elkins is a refugee from local TV news, mass media gadfly and proud Hog fan, also formerly anchor at NBC in Fayetteville and radio schmuck at KFMY-AM


Ret Miles

People are afraid to discuss why we have an inalienable right to cross borders. It's a third rail kind of thing.

Ret Miles is 60, single, Christian, hiker, fly fisherman, photographer, movie nut, avid reader, uncle, godfather, and opinionated ass . . .


James DeVito

Climate change. Citizens United. To me the most insidious threat to the Republic is the influence of money on the electoral process. It is by far the #1 issue to be addressed. There is no reason (other than the entrenched interests) for our major campaigns to be funded by outside monies. The Presidential,

Senate and House elections could all be funded by tax payer dollars. A petition system, with only volunteer canvassers, could be set up to see which candidates qualify for federal election funds. Until we address this one issue everything facing the American public will be a Herculean task.

james DeVito is a 5th generation Ozarker, operator of DeVito's Restaurant and 5 term City Alderman from Eureka Springs.


Jim Laubler

Assimilation, aging and social security, gender bathroom issues, specifics on how to fix education for poor neighborhoods . . .

Military veteran Jim Laubler studied Business at the University of Texas.


Shawn Cosgrove

I feel that the mainstream media has obfuscated negative news as it relates to HRC.

The last debate touched on areas that other debates ignored.

Based on the primaries we may have an idea of what Trump may do in relation to illegal immigrants and the borders, but if you look at HRC we really have no idea. She has denigrated Trump’s ideas without stating what she would do. If we look at her prior statements, she is all over the board.

Of course what a candidate thinks they will do or want to do often changes once the reality is on their doorstep in the office. To make changes you have to have both houses and be willing to spend your political capital.

The other thing is if you are truly representative of your party’s viewpoint, some items are great issues, but are never to be fixed.

The one thing about Trump, like him or not; he isn't beholden to the GOP elite.

Also if you did a history of HRC and her changing positions, you would see she goes in the direction of the power brokers she is aligned with. If someone that is considered neutral were to paint that timeline and the key changes it would scare many of the independents and moderates that ride the fence (swing voters).

Shawn Cosgrove is bilingual. graduating from Zweibrucken American High School (Zweibrucken Air Force Base, Germany). he spent 24 years in the Air Force, most of it in Germany, and has spent over half his life overseas. He currently work for the Army as a civilian. He doesn’t want America to be like the European countries.


Cat Donnelly

I think the native American protest over the pipeline is huge. They definitely didn't even touch on global warming. Or how Obama care was a boon for some folks but special interests made it so now others can no longer afford their health care.

And jobs coming back. How will that actually be accomplished. Sounds like empty promises.

Cat Donnelly is an Administrative Specialist with the University of Arkansas and has a B.A. in English/Creative Writing. Donnelly is working on her Master's in Communication.


Richard S. Drake

My wife and I have been re-watching season one of “The West Wing,” and no matter which way your political views swing, this program is an excellent primer in how government works. It was also a series about appealing to the better nature of Americans.

I’m not sure that the series could be made today, when so many Americans seem to have completely forgotten what they learned in civics class, and rumor and cliche seem to dominate our political discussions.

As Eleanor Roosevelt told us, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Our debates have been dumbed down almost to the same level local TV news and weather have been; any ideas too complicated for a Facebook meme are never discussed. I’d like to see candidates who assume that we are pretty smart, and don’t insult us by shoveling cliches and juvenile slogans at us as quickly as they can.

Richard S. Drake has seen too little and forgotten too much.


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