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So This is Arkansas: The ugly story of how I appeared in a music video


And ugly is truly the word for it. Sadly, the term applied to me. And yet, I feel a certain sense of pride over the whole situation.

Over the decades I have not always treated my teeth with the respect due them. True, I never smoked or chewed tobacco, but in the 70s I took speed to get through the school/work day, and ground my teeth to a certain extent.

Because of a slight overbite, this also contributed to grinding my teeth at night. Two or three of my teeth went went MIA over the years.

As a result of my youthful dental misadventures, today I have a mouthful of implants - which I have written about before - but in addition to the money, my dentist benefited from my oral misfortunes in another, even more creative way.

How so, you ask, Jaded Reader? Well, my dentist - an altogether cool guy - used shots of my former condition (along with the mouths of others) in a music video he prepared for a conference he attended in Holland.

The title?

“So This is Arkansas.”

I am now an international music video star; eat your heart out, folks with actual talent. Okay, part of me is. But I’m sure it made quite an impression on the folks at the conference.

Did I mind? Hell, no. I mean, it wasn’t like they showed my face or anything. I’m not shy around a camera, but sometimes you don’t really want your face shown.

Still, I’m on a music video . . .


Today’s Soundtrack

Bouncing around in my chair today, listening to Gaelic Storm’s CD “Special Reserve.”

You need to buy this one for yourself. Then but it for someone else.


Now on YouTube: The Best of the Neon Girls

In 1996 it was my very great pleasure to videotape the Neon Girls, a talented musical duo, who appeared at the University of Arkansas. It remains among my personal favorites of all the things I have taped over the years.


Quote of the Day

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute. - G.B. Stern

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