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LIFE magazine, 1960: Why living in the 21st Century is so much better


Oh, he’s just gonna talk about political and social issues again . . . why doesn’t he ever change his tune? Well, you’d be wrong for thinking so. No, food is the reason that life is better in the 21st century than in 1960. Well, just one of many, really.

I say 1960 because before me is a copy of LIFE magazine (March 28, 1960) with Hubert Humphrey and Jack kennedy on the over. It’s fascinating to read, but two ads in the issue fascinate me particularly.

On page 11, a full page ad for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Pizza looks back at one. “Beats Going Out” is emblazoned at the top of the page, and it goes on to say:

“Out of the oven it comes - bubbling with fun, 15 minutes faster than ,most mixes. And complete in one box. Complete with cheese. All set to sprinkle. (Most pizzas forget about cheese.) Peppier . . . saucier . . . happier . . . snappier! A Chef Boy-Ar_Dee pizza convinces boys there’s no place like home, as no store-bought (or frozen stiff) pizza can."

In the ad we see a man and woman, smiling romantically at each other, holding the two of the most boring looking pieces of pizza I have ever seen in my life.

What the hell?

That’s it. Sauce and a very mild sprinkling of cheese. And probably that damn thin crust, as well. It’s a wonder pizza ever caught on.

There’s also a soup ad, but I’ve always liked soup, then and now, so I’ll leave it alone.

But on page 34 we have an ad for Hunt’s Tomato Catsup, proclaiming:

“What do steaks sizzle for? Hunt’s of course! . . . Because Hunt’s is rich and thick and spiced with imagination!”

Catsup on a steak.

God, give me strength.


Today’s Soundtrack

Listening to Thomas Newman’s soundtrack for the film “Little Women” helped give me the strength to overcome the image of bad pizza and catsup smeared on steak today.


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