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Starfleet Command builds a new control room at Fayetteville Public Television


Even for a guy who hasn’t even mastered the art of texting yet, I was blown away by the new control room at Fayetteville Public Television. While at first glance it may seem like you’ll need Misters Sulu and Chekov to produce a show for you, never fear - it’s all user friendly.

First off, though, please note the change in name. At long last, the station has managed to throw off the stupid name (which someone with no imagination or creativity forced upon them) of Fayetteville Public Access Television. Now, it is simply Fayetteville Public Television.

No change in mission, just a cooler name.

Though, of course, long-timers may be forgiven for calling it Open Channel or CAT; some habits die hard.

I digress, you say? Well, it’s my party and I’ll digress if I want to.

getting back to the new control room, which at last is ready for the public to use after months of retooling, and putting the new equipment in - equipment which may well make the control rooms of quite a few commercial stations pale by comparison.

It looks quite daunting, but the staff of the station - in addition to be being courageous and photogenic - will help you should you need assistance, just as they always have.

If you live in Fayetteville come in for a look-see. The station’s number is 444-3433, and they are located at 101 W. Rock in Fayetteville.

That’s right across from the Police Station, for the more disreputable among you.

Join the Revolution.


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Feeling all mellow today, lightly tapping the keyboard with the assistance of the CD “Intimate Piano: Canadian Sunset” which just has a bunch a great pieces on.

Oh, I’m so mellow I can’t stand it!


Now on YouTube, Al Vick: Fayetteville - an Alternative  History

We have only one in the can so far, but this is the first of our planned interviews with longtime Fayetteville activists. If you are a recent transplant to the New York City of the Ozarks, I think you’ll find it fascinating.

Al Vick: Fayetteville - an Alternative History


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