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Trump World: How to make a political convention look like a Walmart shareholders’ meeting


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Who knows? Maybe Donald Trump will turn the VP battle into a sort of reality show, where he gets to say, “You’re fired!” to everyone who doesn’t make the cut. God only knows what “jobs” he might give them, though, to prove their ability to handle the position.

“(CLEVE)LAND OF LIBERTY” is emblazoned atop of the website of the 2016 GOP convention. With a line like that, are you really telling me you can’t find room for Gary Busey?

Never has the phrase “there’s an APP for that” been so aptly used, I suspect, on a single website, offering not only political updates, but also entertainment venues and places Trumpites can just sort of hang out while the important business of officially making Donald Trump their candidate goes on.

Trump, who has made a career of selling products made overseas, creating businesses that go belly up, and “firing” people on a reality TV show, is determined to bring a show-biz atmosphere to the GOP convention.

While the Democrats plod on with all those boring political types who use way too many big words, Trump and Associates are essentially giving us a Walmart Shareholders’ meeting.

Folks loved by one and all in the American soul like Trump family members, Don King (who I actually thought was dead until a few days ago), Trump’s family, Newt Gingrich, Trump family members, Bobby Knight, Trump’s family, musical acts at various venues, Trump family members . . .

I’m still holding out for Gary Busey to make a surprise appearance. Oh. admit it. You are, too.


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My Gary Busey fantasies today were aided considerably by Janice Martin and her CD. “Fascinating Gershwin.”


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