Fifty victims or five, it always comes down to the same shrill Facebook paranoia: They’re Coming For Our Guns! | Street Jazz

Fifty victims or five, it always comes down to the same shrill Facebook paranoia: They’re Coming For Our Guns!


In less time than it takes for pain to dry Facebook memes have been popping up on response to the horrendous massacre in Florida. And, of course, the usual chorus has arisen:

Obama/Clinton will use this as an excuse to take our guns away!

Obama/Clinton refuse to emphasize the religion of the shooter, or even utter the phrase, “Radical Islamist Terrorist.”

If the folks who had gone dancing had only had the foresight to take a gun with them on their night of fun - the mind boggles at the thought of gun-totin’ folks on the dance floor - - this might never have happened.

And, of course, reminders from folks - who aren’t exactly supportive of the gay community themselves - that the death penalty is meted out on a regular basis for anyone arrested for the “crime” of being gay in some countries.

Liberals are fascistic sheep who are using this crisis as an excuse to promote their anti-gun agenda.

The shooter was a registered Democrat! That must mean SOMETHING in the fevered imaginations of those who so anxiously post it.

The fact that he was also a registered gun-owner goes unmentioned in these posts.

They are coming for our guns!

Going further afield on the Internet:

“Orlando Shooting Hoax...Nothing But an ISIS/Gun Control/Gay Agenda Fake Show”

Look it up yourself - I won’t give you the link. Needless to say, there have been thousands of such posts already.

I have already made the mistake this morning of debating with folks who seem to get most of their knowledge from Facebook. That’s a mug’s game, and I should know better.

Suffice it to say, the Internet is full of sadness, paranoia and cheap insults today. Yes, I know, it’s just another day on Facebook.

But still, if we can’t find a way to address these issues in a calm, rational manner - without resorting to schoolyard taunts, or resorting to mocking memes - well, maybe it’s time to give the Dinosaurs another shot at running things.


Today’s Soundtrack

James Horner’s excellent score for the film “Field of Dreams” helped calm me down enough to write this blog today.


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Now on YouTube - NIKETA REED discusses her documentary about public access television in Fayetteville:

"On the Air with Richard S. Drake" celebrates 25 years on the air in 2016.


Quote of the Day

When I was a kid, I used to watch Twilight Zone, as everybody did. The reason I watched it - although I didn’t know enough intellectually then to know why I was watching it - it was written by novelists like Richard Matheson. I always wondered, why don’t they do that more? Because, damn, novelists sure could use the work; I mean, just to get that extra thirty grand or whatever the scale is for a script and a story is a huge amount of money to most novelists. I think one of the reasons they don’t - actually what a producer told me one time is, “We can’t control you guys.” - novelist/screenwriter George Pelecanos

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