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A letter to an old friend who was shot this week by her husband


Dear ______,

I don’t know if you have had time to do this yet, so soon after being shot in the abdomen with a .45 and all, but you need to throw this loser in the trash.

Don’t give him a second chance.

I haven’t seen you for several years, but I still remember when you were dating this “man” 20+ years ago. Those who worked with you both were aware of his immaturity and jealousy, even then.

Hell, I can still recall the time he slammed his fist into a wall because he was upset with you, breaking several of his fingers in the process. That should have been a clear warning sign to you. It was to a lot of us who were on the outside of your relationship, looking in.

I am sure that some of your closest friends must have cautioned you against marrying him, and linking your life with his. I saw you only a handful of times over the years since we no longer worked at the same place, but I have been wondering just what led up to this state of affairs.

I don’t know any of the facts, but I’m pretty sure there must have been times in the past when you realized you had made a bad bargain with the universe when you married this “man.”

A guy doesn’t just up and shoot his wife by “accident” one day after a weekend of arguing. And I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t your idea that he put a gun in his hand.

Please don’t stay with him. Don’t forgive him, or give him another opportunity to do you bodily harm.

From all reports, you will recover, but always remember this:

He shot you.

That should be it, game over. Go live your life, free from fear, free from abuse, free of an individual who’d even think of pulling a gun during an argument.

He shot you.

Call an attorney, get a restraining order, and divorce his sorry ass. Live your life.

I know there isn’t much chance you will actually be reading this, so let me include not only you in this plea, but any reader who is in an abusive relationship.

Live your life, free from fear.


Today’s blog is dedicated to Tyrone Rogers

Today’s blog is dedicated to Tyrone Rogers, of the Fayetteville Government Channel, who died al too young at the age of 53.

Tyrone died whole taping a Washington County Quorum Court meeting on Monday. Those who liked and respected him will miss him very much.


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Once again, it is an actual soundtrack which accompanied my pounding of the keyboard this morning: the soundtrack from “Chariots of Fire,” by Vangelis.


On the Air with NWA for Bernie Sanders

Now on YouTube - An interview with NWA for Bernie Sanders:


"On the Air with Richard S. Drake" celebrates 25 years on the air in 2016.


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“ . . . As an avid reader, I ask people what they’re reading and then push them a bit about the book - why they like it, what character, what scene. Some people give a general response: “I liked it” or “It was awful.” But sometimes the question is a launch pad for a conversation about ideas. Reading, writing, and  life. Most people are hungry for meaningful conversations and just need a nudge to make them happen.” - Kim Allen- Niesen: Letters, Utne Reader, July/August 2009


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