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An evening at TheatreSquared: Our hope as a species lies in the creativity of young people


It is an undeniable truth that many of my generation - and folks even younger - have collectively outdone our parent’s generation when it comes to mocking and dismissing the passions of young people. How ironic that the same folks who were the victims of unfair criticism in their youth have fallen prey to the same disease which possessed previous older generations.

I wish that some of those social critics could have been with me and Tracy at Fayetteville’s TheatreSquared last night, when several short plays written by young people from area schools were performed - including an excellent play, “Friendship,” written by a young man who is a close friend of ours, Emilio Guevara .

The plays covered a wide range of topics, from child abuse to the power of friendship (a theme common to several of the plays), a Civil War piece set in Huntsville to the story of a mother rejecting her own transgendered child, and the tale of a bullied young man who resorts to bringing a gun to school.

If I have left any of the plays out, I apologize.

The plays revealed not only the concerns of young people in the 21st century, but also how much talent there is among young people, many of whom are dismissed by the shallow among us as simply kids who dress funny, listen to bad music, have naive political views or ________ - you can fill in the blank from any of the many silly and unfair criticisms of the young.

As long as creativity is nurtured in the young, we are in fine shape.


Yeah, I’d better get on the stick

Last night was also a stark reminder that I’d better get a move on and finish the play I have been working on for a couple years. I can only hope it might end up as good as what I was lucky enough to witness last night.


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Today, my fingers flew feverishly across the keyboard, inspired by the CD “The Best of the Village People.”

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