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North Carolina school board enables bullying


The school board may claim the pepper spray is for students who feel threatened by the millions and millions of transgendered folks who may be trying to simply find a place to poop or pee, but the ugly truth is this: the pepper spray will be used on the unpopular kids, the overweight kids, and anyone of a Goth nature. And, of course, it may well become a weapon to be used to settle romantic rivalries.

The folks who run the Rowan-Salisbury school district may actually believe that pepper spray - which will be allowed come this fall - will only be used to defend the virtue of decent young people who want to poop, pee or make cell phone calls in the school bathroom, but they have just put a serious weapon in the hands of all too many people who may be bullies or have no common sense.

What could possibly go wrong?

Hell, why don’t they just allow the students to walk around with guns on their hips?

Teenage hormones and pepper spray . . . this movie practically writes itself.


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