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The Donald Trump Litmus Test


In politics, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Over the past several years, various milquetoast Democrats in the United States have had to turn their campaigns into political pretzels, reassuring voters that they weren’t in league with Obama, and that, indeed, they stood strongly against everything he stood for.

Not too many had a Profiles in Courage moment where they might say, “Hey, this is _______. Barack Obama’s policies don’t have a whole lot to do with being dog catcher.” And, of course, Republicans were quick to assure folks that they would oppose Obama with every fiber of their being - cuz, like, dog catchers, city council members, coroners and what=have-you just have a whole lot of influence when it comes to combatting the agenda of the president of the United States.

Well, now the shoe is one the other foot, and as Donald Trump might say, “It’s huge.”

I think it is entirely appropriate to ask each and every Republican seeking office anywhere in this country if they support Donald Trump.

It should come up in every debate they take part in, and every TV or print interview they give. And if they don’t support the presidential candidate of their party, why, then, it’s only fair to ask them why they hate America.

Hell, not just those seeking office. Let’s ask the question of every GOP office holder, whether they are facing an election this year or not.

Seems only fair to me.


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