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Turning off the grill: Mr. Burger goes to Burger Heaven


One of my guilty pleasures in recent years has been making a visit to Mr. Burger when I make a trip to Rock Bottom Bookstore. No, scratch that thought. Porn is a guilty pleasure; eating a burger is eating a burger.

There was a time, not so very long ago, that the Fayetteville (and indeed, Northwest Arkansas) landscape was littered with Mr. Burgers - now that the last one has turned off the grill, fried the last fry, shaken the last shake and battered its last onion ring, it may be time to face an undeniable fact:

Mr. Burger, as far as local burger joints went, wasn’t awfully high on my list of places I just had to go to on the rare occasions when I wanted to have a burger.

Oh, their sakes were pretty good, but once I became a professional diabetic, those were off the menu, so what was left just wasn’t all that appealing, really.

Now, Hoot’s, which used to be on the south side of town, had a great burger. But they have been gone for quite some time - I shed my last tear over them a long time ago.

Mr. Burger, on the other hand, was just your basic burger, and the fries were nothing to write home about.

Perhaps this may account - at least in home small part - for the fact that so many of them closed their doors over the years, finally leaving the one lonely Mr. Burger sentry standing guard over Garland. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who had similar thoughts about the fare offered at Mr. Burger.

I hate to see locally owned businesses close their doors, but sometimes there is a good reason for doing so.


Well, Sigma Chi, was it worth it?

The UA’s Sigma Chi fraternity has been suspended from participating in certain campus activities -= including Spring recruitment - while an investigation into accusations of hazing have been completed.

Now, this is America, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but given that this is the second accusation since 2013, well, where there is smoke there may well be signs of brain cells melting.


Finally on YouTube - The Neon Girls!

THE BEST OF THE NEON GIRLS, from a concert presented at the University of Arkansas in 1996, can now be seen any time at:


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