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The Last American and the rantings of angry men . . .


Last Friday we edited an older show to be played this week, featuring a conservative writer who often used the moniker “The Last American.” Though the interview was taped in the 1990s, his “warnings” about feminism, liberalism, gays and lesbians, and young people sound just like the rants one so often comes across on Facebook, Twitter, and a host of conspiracy sites.

All of which may explain why I have so little patience when folks trot out the same lines and paranoia in the 21st Century; I’ve heard it all before, Damaged Reader.

Even when we taped the original interview, way way back in the dying days of the 20th Century, the hoary lines he was trotting out were trite, and his fears for America have hardly come to pass - just as the paranoid rantings of today’s angry men who spend so much energy mocking others probably won’t come true.

And before you ask, no, it wasn’t a confrontational interview at all; my philosophy is just to make someone comfortable, and they will reveal all.

True, he did feel that Julia Child was a “dangerous feminist” and was uncomfortable with the idea of a teenaged girl directing the show, but except for some extreme views, he would have fit right in on Facebook.

He became known as “The Last American” because that was how he signed letters to the editor. At that time, folks could still get away with using handles like “Patriot,” “Angry American,” “Decent Christian” or “American Fighting Man.”

After he self-published a book revealing his thoughts on the fate of America - which can not be found anywhere on the Internet today - I asked him to come on my show, where he exressed all the fears and prejudices of all the angry men who post on the Internet.

I suppose that one of the reasons I decided to show this one again is because, even though 20 years has by, he sounds like any other man in the 21st Century who feels that only his brand of Americanism is the true path. That only his view of masculinity and sexuality is the true road, and that folks who believe differently are the enemy.

It was just as tiring to listen to then as it is now.

I’ll post the YouTube link once the show is online.


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