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Eternal Paranoia is the price of Liberty


It’s a glorious time to be paranoid in today’s world.

As if the idea of hordes of Syrian refugees battling it out with decent Americans on Black Friday weren’t bad enough, one has to contend with illegal immigrants, the climate change hoax, Political Correctness and the War on Christmas, which seems to begin earlier every year.

Not to mention the fact that liberals (or libtards, as the more intellectual among us call them) won’t, just, well, shut up.

The world is falling apart at the seams, and nobody - save for a few brave Republican governors who fell asleep during Civics Class - are standing up for the old red, white and blue. Yes, legally they may not be able to prevent the federal government from sending refugees to their states, but they are doing one hell of a job impressing their base - many of whom seem to get most of their news from Facebook.

And just a quick glance at the crime reporting in any newspaper will alert us as to how many crimes are committed by illegals - rape, murder, what-have-you. Cynics might point out that just as many - if not more - reported crimes are committed by American citizens, but you can’t read everything you read in the liberal media.

And the War on Christmas? Forget Starbucks - why aren’t all the store clerks dressed as elves already? And I’d better start getting a “Merry Christmas,” every time I plop a dollar down in a store, or by God I’ll start demanding that somebody, somewhere, be fired.

And if climate change is real, why was the wind chill factor in the thirties today? Don’t get me started on climate change.

Really, don’t get me started - please. Cuz everything I know about climate change I learned on Facebook.

And my guns? I wouldn’t be surprised if the last official action Obama takes - after he pardons all his terrorist buddies - is to confiscate all the guns from freedom lovers across this great country. I can see it in his eyes every time one of those fake gun massacres takes place.

And if my taxes pay for the local library, shouldn’t I have a say in what books get banned? I have a list, and it’s growing . . .

And all those folks conspiring in foreign tongues every time I ride a bus downtown? Hispanics, Asians, Muslim-types. And I’m pretty sure that most of ‘em are talking about me . . .

Yeah, it’s a grand time to be paranoid. I wouldn’t live in any other time or place.


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