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What is sauce for the Pope should be sauce for the Right-Wing Gander



Arizona Republican Paul Gosar said that he would not attend the Pope's appearance before Congress today - cuz he don’t to hear no talk about global warming. Furthermore , Gosar says if the Pope wants to devote his life to climate change, well, by golly, he should be doing it during his 'personal time.”

Gosar joins a list of conservative folk in this country who are incensed that Pope Francis should talk about anything other than religion. You know, like the Family Research Council, the Christian Coalition of America, The 700 Club, The Moral majority and scads of other religious folk.

Oh, wait a minute . . .

The bitter truth of the matter is that whenever a conservative religious leader wants to talk about subjects like education, evolution, sex Education, separation of Church and state. abortion and contraception, the Middle East, immigration, the environment or human sexuality, most of those same politicians who are pissy about the Pope seem to lose the power of speech.

Because, you know that, if not otherrwise afflicted, these stalwarts would be quite vocal in their condemnation of the above.

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. For any politician to suggest that the Pope should confine himself to ‘spiritual” matters and not become indignant, say, whenever a member of the clergy claims that “America is turning its back on God,” well, I think comes under the heading of rank hypocrisy.


And as for Congressman Steve Womack of Arkansas?

The Scowling One released a statement which concludes with the words, “ . . . it is my hope that his address will inspire Congress to work together to fight for a society that produces unmatched opportunity for the next generation.”

A nice, vague statement (vague - sort of like TSO himself) which addresses nothing the Pope has concerns about.



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