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Do we have millions of voters who think Social Studies class was nap time?



Watching the Trump rally this week, I was struck once again by the thought that way too many folks slept their way through Social Studies (or Civics) class. Watching Trump go down the list of things he would do - and all the passionate cheering of thousands of Trumpadours, I realized that he is just like any candidate who makes wild promises . . . except that this particular candidate seems to be on political steroids, waving his arms around and promising there will be so much winning that we’ll get tired of winning, once he takes the throne.

And throne is exactly the word I meant; no doubt there are many in his audiences who have bought into the myth that Obama has issued more Executive Orders than any other president, yet for Trump to achieve even a fraction of what he proposes, he’d be doing nothing but signing the damn things, morning, noon and night.

Barack Obama has achieved much more than many folks thought he could, but at every step of the way he has battled with a Congress who haven’t seen the world through his eyes.

And he is hardly alone in this. Pretty much every president has had some trouble with Congress - not to mention the Supreme Court.

Yet collectively we cheer when every Tom, Dick and Harriet promises that, if we are only wise enough to elect them, they will accomplish sooooooo much. And it isn’t just presidential candidates who run this con game; candidates all the way from City Hall to Congress do the same thing.

Just once, I’d like to hear a politician express some honesty, and say, “If elected, this is what I will try really, really hard, to accomplish . . .”

Yeah, I know. I should stay off the caffeine.


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