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Will late night TV neuter Stephen Colbert?



Well, I could only handle it up to the seven minute interview with Jeb Bush. But what I saw in that interview, and in the time leading up to it, showed me that Stephen Colbert has already been locked into the late night talk show -such as they are, in their diminished capacity - format we have seen in recent years.

Granted, I was spoiled as a kid. I grew up with Carson and Cavett, Joey Bishop, and all the rest. When we were in Germany in the early 1970s, American Forces Television have Johnny carson on Mondays, Dick Cavett on Tuesday nights, followed on Wednesday and Thursday by Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin.

I like conversation. I don’t like talk show hosts fawning over guests, and yes, I am even used to politicians coming on late night TV and discussing real issues - and the hosts being free to disagree with them.

But what I saw last night was the same sort of drivel - yeah, I said drivel - that we have been trained to accept as part of late night television now. The monologue (I still love monologues when they are funny) and awkward comedy, followed by the “interview” with George Clooney and the sort political interview with Jeb Bush with has so softened the American intellect.

The Oreo bit is perhaps best not talked about. Much as I despise Donald Trump, he actually was talking about moving American jobs to another country, and I found the whole bit to be distasteful. If you see a pun in there, well, more power to you.

The opening was great.

But if Colbert just travels down the road of late-night Hell, I won’t be going with him.


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