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The Candy Crush Man



“The kids all sit around the living room with their electronic devices, playing games, with all the beeps and noises going off, and I play with mine,” ” said the man next to me in the doctor’s waiting room. “I call it the sound of happiness.”

I wanted so much to turn to the fellow explaining his philosophy of happiness to the man sitting next to him and say, “You know I’m gonna write about you, don’t you?”

He wouldn’t have cared, I suspect; he didn’t seem like a big reader guy. But he was a big Candy Crush guy - a game which I have managed to avoid even looking into, despite the many invitations I have received over the years on Facebook. He also liked something do with farm animals, which I am assuming also has to do with yet another game I have been invited to take part in, and not something unsavory.

I have never quite understood the whole game thing, to tell the truth. I’m pretty good at Scrabble and Monopoly, and even, on the extremely rare occasion, manage to win a game of chess or two.

games like Battleship? Well, I’m pretty much sunk before I even leave dry dock.

Maybe I’m just prejudiced because, well, Candy Crush is such a stupid name for a game. And, of course, after you reach level 35, I believe, you have to start shelling out the dollars to try to reach ever higher levels.

Forking out money for a game with the name candy Crush may not be all that dangerous, but I have serious reservations about spending money on something called Mafia Wars.

What if you try to welch on what you owe?

Turns out that one woman spent at least $100,000 on Mafia Wars. I mean, really, you spend that much on a game with “Mafia” in the title and you can’t get somebody whacked in what we laughably refer to as Real Life?

Still, I suppose if you spend that much on Candy Crush you aren’t likely to end up as a Diabetic - one has to look at the up side on these things.


Exhaustion and art of writing

My writing input has slowed as of late, thanks to my current - but temporary, one hopes - heart condition. I have every intention at the start of the week of writing amazing things, things that will change your life, make you a better person, and make you want to send me a blank check in appreciation for my good work.

But I’m too damn tired right now.

All I can do is weather the storm and look to the day, hopefully soon, when I can write more than twice a week. In the meantime, I’ll try to make what i do right worth reading.

For the most part - nobody’s perfect.


Quote of the Day

“A nonreader is somebody standing there in a blindfold.” ― John D. MacDonald

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