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Should Facebook users be allowed to serve on juries?



As much as serving on a jury has long been a dream of mine, I‘m afraid that I’m thinking that the answer should not just be no, but Hell, No.

In fact, I firmly believe that one day in the future, if they aren’t doing it already, legal teams will be looking over the Facebook pages of potential jurors in order to weed out folks whose thought processes may be less than, well, rational.

What’s that you say? Not rational? On Facebook? Well, let’s just take a quick peek at the News Feed on my Facebook page today and see what we can dredge up, shall we?

Screeds about bullying, and how passing anti-bullying laws only creates a society of bullies.

Rosie O’Donnell’s adopted daughter is going to live with her birth mother. Various posters, full of the piety of wisdom which a Facebook account automatically grants them, are passing judgment - even though none actually have experience in the home, or know anything about the subject.
They just know that they despise Rosie, and that’s good enough for them.

Post on Obama: “I'm extremely surprised he hasn't been assassinated.”

Folks all agog at the letter that singer/songwriter Charlie Daniels sent to Congress, telling them that they have “betrayed” America by not standing up to Obama.

Fake quotes from the Founding Fathers.

Fake quotes from Reality Show Governor Sarah Palin. I have long ago decided that these quotes are put on Facebook to test the gullibility of liberals. Sadly, it seems to be working.

Links to “news” articles which don’t contain an awful lot of - oh, what’s the word? Oh, yes. Facts.

Screeds against teachers, unions, liberals (who are, often as not, described as unAmerican, traitors, or enemies of America). Christians, no matter what denomination, can see themselves mocked as stupid, and, of course, automatically assumed to be conservatives.

White liberals mock white people they have never met, assuming they must be Republican. Older white liberals rail against older white people, they have never met who, by golly, must be conservative, because, well, they are older white people.

Yeah, there’s some real cognitive dissonance taking place here.

Old Internet myths about Hillary Clinton and Obama.

More conspiracies about gay people.

“Share” if you:

Love Jesus, hate prejudice, think we should build a wall on the border, want to abolish the income tax, and think that Star Trek: Voyager should be erased from all of our collective memories.

Okay, I made that last one up, but still . . .

Links to historical references that aren’t true, and pieces refuting global warming that come across as though they were written by the crazy guy sitting next to you on a cross country-bus ride.

Honestly, would you let Facebook users sit on a jury?

Even me? Even yourself?


Quote of the Day

“In the morning I'm often anti-semantic.” ― John D. MacDonald, The Deep Blue Good-By

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